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ArezaMail Features

  • Send out large volumes of e-mail very quickly, without blocking your server for hours.

  • Send e-mail messages with attachments of any size.

  • Confirmation when messages are received.

  • Automatic Retries.

  • Scheduled Delivery: the emails are sent on the day and at the time of your choice.

  • Global or Individual Header Option.

  • E-mail personalisation with variable text fields.

  • Security in delivering your e-mail attachments.

  • Automatic 'spam' control in every message.

  • Management of replies.

  • Processing of returns and list removal requests.

  • List management.

  • Database cleaning and sorting.

  • Detailed reporting: success rate, % bounced back, reason for returns, removal, new subscriptions, etc.

Important note: Because of anti-spam regulations, we will only provide our ArezaMail services to our existing clients and/or companies we have previously worked with. If you are a new client, we recommend RocketSales, to send and track permission email marketing campaigns instantly. RocketSales allows you to send personalized HTML email and tracking live clicks, right from your own PC. It is the only program with live tracking, a live subscription manager, and a visual HTML editor. It will also help you comply with the new anti-spam requirements by automatically handling unsubscribes. Click here to review and order RocketSales.