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CITIZENconnect is a Content Management System specifically designed for Local Authorities to meet the 2005 Government Interoperability and Accessibility standards.

It offers three main advantages:

  1. Proven technology: the CM application has been built by Areza, a British company with offices in London and Paris, who have invested 15 man years in its creation. CITIZENconnect has been adopted by London Connects, London's eGovernment agency that brings together public sector organisations to co-operate on eGovernment developments for London.

  2. Easy to use: CITIZENconnect differs from many competitor products in that it can be used by non-technical staff. No need for any training in HTML, Cold Fusion, or any other programming languages. It is suitable for virtually any type of content including copy, photos, images, hyperlinks, pdf files, audio, & video, and has work-flow and authentification controls that can be customised to user preference.

  3. Cost effective: CITIZENconnect is a high end application that can be quickly deployed. It is highly scalable, and once in place requires very little overhead. It is ideally suited to high traffic Internet applications such as Local Authority Websites, Intranets, and Extranets.

CITIZENconnect is a solution that:

  • Meets the standards of the Government's Interoperability Framework (eGIF).
  • Enables the editing team to add metadata tags to documents.
  • Renders data into XML for publication as HTML web pages.
  • Allows staff to easily add web pages to both internet and intranet sites.
  • Provides a system where pages can be browsed by a number of different routes.
  • Meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Runs on an open Microsoft system- Active Server Pages with SQL Server 2000 - which is the industry standard. It can be easily configured and customised to meet your Authority's unique needs.