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What is the difference between a portal and a corporate website?

A portal and a corporate website are two separate entities, complementing each other. They need to be strongly linked together, but they should not replace each other.

A corporate site presents an organisation to the outside world. It has to be centred on the organisation's products and services that it is trying to promote to all existing and potential customers.

A portal is aimed at a specific market sector. The members of this community need to find on the portal all topics that interest them and can have an impact on their business, so that they keep on visiting day after day.

Therefore, a business portal needs to cover a much wider range of topics than a corporate website. It also needs to be updated daily, and should provide a wide range of interactive services and forums where industry members can discuss and express their views.

To use a comparison from the printed media, a corporate website is to some extent an online corporate brochure, while an industry portal is aimed at the companies operating in the industry and their suppliers, with a wide range of professional services and business resources. An industry portal is therefore similar to a reference library, a trade magazine, the daily press and the business Yellow Pages all rolled into one.

We can link our industry portals to the corporate websites of our partners and other selected companies. Which will drive increased traffic on their websites, increase their customers' satisfaction and create additional opportunities to promote their organisation and their products or services.

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