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We have developed a very powerful technology for easily posting content onto a website, from simple admin pages. No specific programming knowledge nor specific software are required - it is as simple to use as 'copy and paste'. Practically this means that the various people who generate the material for your website may also upload it and edit it themselves, irrespective of where they are geographically.

Our solution is suited to managing all types of content, from your latest news and in-depth technical articles or case studies, to your latest promotion or you new price list. It can also be used to update in real time your Extranet our your online catalogue.

As it is Web based, if you so wish, you can open this facility to selected people outside your team or even your organization (such as your PR agency) - all they need is Internet access and the username/password you will give them.

Note: Even with ditributed editing, control can still be exercised because we can create an additional validation level: All content posted from outside the Web team will then first appear in an "unapproved" folder (not visible by site users) and it will have to be approved by a member of your Web team before it appears on the live site.

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