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Training and Consultancy

The Internet is constantly evolving, as new standards, systems and software applications are released on a daily basis. Training your staff or getting support from our expert consultants will help your organisation remain in control of these new techniques.

Conversely to other Internet or IT companies that only offer off-the-shelf courses, we can provide you with personalized IT training and consultancy. Every IT programme is carefully adapted to your particular needs, so that we can effectively and efficiently train your staff. We can also offer face-to-face training courses, if you have only one employee to train. And if you need to train an entire team, you will benefit from cost savings for multiple delegates. Our training programmes can be held in our premises, at your sites, or at any convenient location close to you such as a hotel or a conference center.

Our IT consultants can provide you with personalized IT consultancy. Every IT consultancy programme is carefully adapted to your particular needs. This is the ideal way for our IT consultants to help you effectively and efficiently solve any specific IT problem that you may have.

These are some of the topics that our IT consultants have been involved with, or which we have covered in our training courses:

  • Understand the Internet, Intranets and Extranets
  • Understand and implement E-commerce websites
  • Understand Windows NT Internet services
  • Create Web Pages using HTML
  • Create interactive websites with HTML, DHTML and JavaScript
  • Create interactive websites with macromedia Flash
  • Create database-integrated websites with VBScript
  • Implement content management solutions and dynamic database-driven websites
  • Implement an Intranet site
  • Implement an Extranet site
  • Create e-commerce enabled website
  • Implement Microsoft Site Server